OCT 27th

Design Circus

Interior Design Juggler


I’ve been asked, “How do you do it?” My answer is usually, “not quite sure that I do “it” or what “it” is.”

I guess being a designer seems a lot easier to me than other things.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been a designer a lot longer than I’ve been a wife or a mom.  Hard to believe that I got into this game when Big Hair was still, well, Big.

A really smart chap, David Shepherd (small business guru), once said that interior designers wear more hats than any other professional.

Our profession requires us to be the creative team, the troubleshooters, the critical thinkers, the budget balancers, the procurers, the implementation specialists and the pillow fluffers.  And hopefully we all have a little fun in the process.

My longterm clients know that I am spazzy about details, obsessive about color, a maniac about space and how the heck it all comes together.  My head constantly hums with ideas.  Some are inspired and some are pretty wacky.

I truly love what I do and whom I do it for.  My clients are so very important to me and I constantly marvel that I get paid for this gig.

I feel extremely blessed that I have had loyal clients in this challenging economy.

As I launch my blog, I tip my hat to all of my fellow colleagues.  To my design heroes…(especially the ones who have never had coffee table books published or tv shows), who share their secrets and successes, thank you.

And to my dear clients…I am extremely grateful for you allowing me into your homes and your lives!

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6 Responses to Design Circus

  1. Betty Kohn says:

    Great website…& blog! Don’t forget that we are in crisis management too! See you soon…

  2. Ellen says:

    LOVE the hats….and you do tend to wear many at once….what a great start! smiles…

  3. Sheryl Myhre says:

    Congratulations on new beginnings. I love the logo and the blog…and oh those hats!!!

  4. Sheryl Myhre says:

    I did not realize your website was also new. It is beautiful. I really like its simple sophistication. Well done.