OCT 24th

Happy 100 to me! And Hickory Chair

So much going on around here…

 I have now written 100 posts!

And I sincerely thank each one of you who not only reads my blog but who takes the time to comment or email me.  I truly appreciate you.

As many of you know, blogging is fun for me and a way for me to show a bit of what goes on in my life as an interior designer.  I would love to blog more frequently than 2-3 times a week but with my busy business, my Sweet Beans and Mr. V there just isn’t time.  So thanks again and I sure hope you will keep reading.

On to some fun stuff…

Last night I attended the 100 year Hickory Chair party in High Point at Furniture Market.

And lookee who I ran into:

Martyn Lawrence Bullard and IMartyn Lawrence Bullard from Million Dollar Decorators.

And he is a DAHhhhh-LING!

Super funny, gracious, uber sexy and might now be my new bestie.

For real, I could hang with Martyn.

When I told him how amazing he looked, he purred…”well, dah..ling you don’t look so bad yourself..”

Big. love. for. Martyn.

Oh look who else….

Mary McDonald and I- Hickory Chair partyHi Mary McDonald.

(Nice badge Amy)

Okay, so apparently I was petting her faux fur vest while we were chatting it up.

She stopped talking, looked at me and said, “Amy, are you petting my back?..cause I like it”

I’m such a weirdo.  But it was soft and I like soft things.

Remind me to throw away my new top, cause I look like a giant in it.  In fairness to me, MM is tiny and her arms are super toned.

Where was Nathan Turner?  I dunno but I loves me some NathanT.


Finally got to meet a blogger pal, Traci Zeller, through a mutual friend and she is a love!

The excitement does NOT stop there….

Michael Boodro and IHi Michael Boodro, Editor-In-Chief at ELLE DECOR at the Arteriors Brunch.

He loved my iPhone case.  And I love him and his mag.

That’s my logo.

You can do one too, right here at Casemates.

With your logo,  a fav pic…whatever.

Here are a few snaps from the Hickory Chair showroom:

Hickory Chair-

KAPOW! Tobi Fairley’s fabrics look FANTASTIC on these pieces.

Hickory Chair

Hickory Chair- Tobi Fairley

Hickory Chair- Tobi Fairley

Hickory Chair- Tobi Fairley

Hickory Chair-

Hickory Chair-

Hickory Chair-

Hickory Chair-

Hickory Chair-

Hickory Chair-

Hickory Chair-

Nice to know some things are still by made hand, made in America!

I’m at Furniture Market most of the week so I’ll post more finds soon.

Enjoy your day,


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26 Responses to Happy 100 to me! And Hickory Chair

  1. Ellen says:

    WOW! they certainly pull out all the stops with this show, don’t they?
    Michael Broodro!…..I am sincerely impressed….smiles

  2. Donna says:

    I LOVE it!!! And I happen to know that the most challenging picture of the day was the “The Heart of Furnitureland USA”! Such fabulous photos and memories from a great night in HighPoint.

  3. Donna says:

    I LOVE it!!! And I happen to know that the most challenging picture of the day was the “The Heart of Furnitureland USA”! Such fabulous photos from an exciting night in HighPoint we shall not soon forget!

    • Amy says:

      My dearest…it was a blast. I’m sick that we didn’t get a pic. WTH? How many people does it take ….blurry all over the place.
      Anywho..looking forward to more adventures my friend,

  4. Liz Carroll says:

    Great post Amy! I had a ball seeing you last night!!!

  5. Amy congrats on 100 posts!! You have done a fabulous job and its been a ball getting to “know you”. You are awesome and I always enjoy seeing whats going on in your neck of the woods. And I see hobnobbing with the elite of design is just one of the many things you have been up to. Martyn and Mary look faaaaaaaabulous. So funny what you said about petting her vest and throwing away your top, I think you look mahvelous but I know full well if I see a picture and I dont’ approve of how I look in a certain piece of clothing, out it goes in a heartbeat, (vain as I am). Such super wonderful pictures, Hickory Chair is on fire!
    I was supposed to go had my ticket and all but with so much happening at the house, it just didn’t make sense BUT I am planning on going in the spring, so maybe we will meet up!!!!! Then you can pet my fur vest (actually it will be warm so I better start toning my arms so I can look like Mary)!

    • Amy says:

      I’ll pet your vest any day…HA! I almost wore my new “lynx” that I got on Friday but thought it was too much. Hilarious..next time I’m wearing it!
      You must email me when you come to NC…I would love to meet up and have a cuppa. We can hob knob with the Millions…

  6. Happy 100! You attract goodness my friend! Look at all those Mega desingers wanting to pet YOU!

    I want to meet up with you one of these days too!



  7. andrea says:

    That looks awesome! Martyn was my fave on that show, followed up by Mary. They cracked me up. I am so jealous! Enjoy a great week.

  8. Susan says:

    Stop the madness..MDD heaven!! You look amazing, and I don’t blame you for petting Mary’s vest, ha! I had no idea about the iPhone case thing…I just might go do that, right now!

    Congrats on 100 posts, woohoo! I am thankful for you :)

  9. Chap says:

    Congratulations. Great Blog Great style. Keep up the good work!

  10. cheek to cheek with marty……..so jealous over here! and he is correct you do look marvelous daaaaarling. keep the posts coming i am missing high point this fall because i have been away playing for too long!

    congrats on 100 posts amy. i just happen to think you are one of the very best out there. cheers!

  11. sally hutchison says:

    Amy….I love your blog! Congrats on 100 and I’m looking forward to 100 more. You’re the best and I always get excited when you visit the workroom!

  12. Lisa Mende says:

    Happy 10th Amy! May be we will bump into each other at market. I have been almost everyday! Tomorrow is my last, perhaps, we will see each other! Great post!

  13. Lisa Mende says:

    oops! I meant happy 100th!!!!! Looking forward to 100 more!

  14. Congratulations on your 100th post. We are honored to share 100 with you! It is because of talented designers like you that we are celebrating 100 years of making fine furniture in Hickory, North Carolina! It was great seeing you during the party and chatting with our bloggers friends in the bistro. We really appreciate this wonderful coverage of our special event. I hope you enjoy your birthday chair!

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