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Rugs, Pugs and Construction Mania!

Whoa!  Wanna feel better about the current state of your home?  Feeling like things might be a bit out of place or not as organized as you like?  THIS IS THE POST FOR YOU!

It’s kind of like watching “Hoarders”…..it TOTALLY makes me feel better about my life.

What started out as a little face lift turned into a full scale plastic surgery for one of my projects in Charleston.  Keep in mind this is a house that is over 150 years old so there are “surprises” when we open walls etc.

Here is the Dining Room:

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

Amazing plaster medallion (original to the house- 1857) on the ceiling…here is a close up.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

The wall color is Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray…one of my favs.  This client has an incredibly impressive art collection and this color is a wonderful background for that.

Also, the light is ever changing in this house.  It is close to the water and has 11-1/2 ft ceilings and enormous windows.   Every time I picked a color and said, “yes…this is it” at 10 am I would hate it by 4 pm.

THIS IS WHY IT IS CRUCIAL TO PICK A PAINT COLOR AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN IT AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY!  It makes me very uncomfortable to pick colors long distance.  I have to be in the space to make the best decision.  Really.  So if you want me to design your home and you are out of town…I am coming over.

Here is the chandelier I have ordered for the dining room…  YUMMY!  I think it will be great hanging from that ceiling medallion.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NCIt’s big!  Niermann Weeks with a chalk rust finish.  Delish.

Due to an a tiny earthquake, a bitty flood, a little hurricane called Hugo and a small skirmish some refer to as The Civil War (others refer to it as the Late Great Unpleasantness and my favorite…The War of Northern Aggression) this beauty has suffered a backache.  In other words…some of its walls are (or were) leaning creating a fun house feeling in some of the hallways.

So…What do you get when you have the very best contractor in Charleston (who works almost exclusively on important historical homes), a pretty good interior designer (me) and a super fantastic, trusting client?

MAYHEM!  (Only for a little bit)

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

It’s cool to see the guts of a house…especially when you can touch the original wood and plaster that was spread by hand so long ago when the world was a very different place.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NCAmy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NCAmy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NCI am in love with the original brick wall in the butler’s pantry…we are keeping it.  The hole in the wall to the right is for a large wine refrigerator (Eurocave).  We had room since we knew there was an ancient elevator cavity…that was probably at one point a passage way for staff.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NCHow do you straighten a 157 year old arched exterior doorway?

Very, very carefully.

It’s been SO fascinating watch these guys do their magic.  They are so good and I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is working with true professionals who say “yes” when I say…”how about we do this?”

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

Anyone who has been to Charleston knows how slender some of the streets are and how limited the space is between the historical homes.  So, you end up with:

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC    (check out the name of the Porta Potty…”Nature’s Calling”)

Porta Pottys in the garden…

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

A cutting “pavilion” in the courtyard.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

A mess on the side veranda.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

Cones in the driveway.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC(Look out…that last step is a doozie)

And holes in the porch.

Since your eyes are probably glazing over, I’ll stop with construction pictures.  Remember the last post where I was looking for rugs in the trade showroom of Stark Carpet?  Found one!

We had to look at it outside without unrolling it the whole way…cleaner than the construction site that is the interior.

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NCAnd my client’s puggles loved it.  Sweet babies, I love these dogs.  This is a ninety year old Tabriz that has a beautiful light AND dark side.  The sofas are a driftwood antique linen velvet, the chairs are a lake colored cotton velvet and the pillows are are a silk velvet basket weave.  All of the fabrics are from Schumacher.

After a day like today?  Nice to get back to my hotel, take my shoes off and take a long shower before a delicious dinner in one of Charleston’s many GREAT restaurants.

What did I find when I returned to my inn?  My sweet hubs, the ever surprising Mr. V had arranged for the staff to make my room even more pleasant…too bad he wasn’t there to enjoy it with me!

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NCYep, I ate them all by myself.  In bed.  Very decadent.  Indeed.

There was a note…Here is the part that I will share…

Amy Martineau Vermillion Interior Design Charlotte NC

What a guy!  Made me miss him even more than usual.  (I guess that’s the point!)

Stay tuned for the rest of the renovation, more goodies and all that comes with that.

I hope your life is wonderful today…or will be really soon.





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13 Responses to Rugs, Pugs and Construction Mania!

  1. So sweet of you to spruce up my little abode.

  2. Amy, first comment is Mr. V is a total keeper..what a guy is right! I love that…..love the rug, the puggles are sooo cute! I cannot wait to see this wonderful project unfold, I see the good bones and know its going to be spectacular. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So exciting to see a new project unfold. Cant wait to see what your going to do.

  4. Karena says:

    Amy quite the project. Everything you are choosing is fabulous! It will be so exciting to see the finish!

    Please do come and join my Valentine Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  5. Incredible!!! When I visited Charleston, one of my favorite things were the amazing homes filled with rich history. I image the the people who used to live in them and what their lives were like. I totally eat this stuff up! Cannot wait to see this home come back to life. I’m sure your client’s and they’re cute little doggies can’t wait either!

  6. fun fun fun…Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray is great…using it a bit lately.

  7. sally hutchison says:

    Amy, it’s your client and your contacts in Charleston who are being graced with the presence of such an awesome designer~ I so enjoyed this posting. …and you have an amazing husband….but you already know that! Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon in the workroom!

  8. Susan says:

    I am seriously drooling over this project. I just want to be your sidekick…will work for free…omg…the history, the architecture, SWOON. You are a lucky lady…and you deserve every bit of your success. xo

  9. Amy!!!! I would have had a heart attack – wondering if the house could eve be put back together again. But you have the eye and the strong design nerves! Can’t wait to see the big reveal!

    Stunning chandelier and rug. (Did not expect anything less).

    And what a Hubby!

    Hugs to you. I have missed being here.


    Love, Mon

  10. lucky you, lucky client! this will be gorgeous, can’t wait.

    funny, i too love seeing the “guts” of an old building, gets me wondering, who last saw this, who was the owner at the time, etc., etc.

    gorgeous choices so far. and lastly, mr. v…….what a guy!

  11. What an awesome project, Amy! I cannot wait to see what you do!! I am crazy for that rug and chandelier … and those cute pugs!!! And what a sweet hubby you have …

  12. Pretty Pink Tulips says:

    In addition to having a wonderful career, you clearly have a wonderful husband!! Those rose petals, strawberries and note. The man knows how to have you running home soon!

    And, I have to smile, as my front yard is as big a mess as what you showed above. They are currently siding with shake shingles…but the “winter that feels like Spring” has us a month ahead of schedule. Quick, find wood, knock, knock, knock!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Sarah says:

    LOVE seeing these pics. The original bones of the house are so fascinating. A friend from charleston has a family house at edisto, and upstairs on the bedroom walls you can read notes that Union soldiers wrote on the walls when they were living there.