FEB 28th

Updates From My World

Hello my friends…

We have so many projects going on that I have been remiss in posting on my normal schedule.  So, Happy End of February (and leap year-weird) and I’ll fill you in on a couple of details…

For those who sweetly ask about my Digby Lee dog, I so appreciate it.  She is a miracle and we now joke that she will outlive us.  We are continuing to give her the sub cutaneous fluids (through a needle I insert in her back) to make her feel better and she is still eating  with exuberance and loves her walks to the park.  For a fifteen year old dog with advanced renal failure and a cancer survivor, she is wonderful.  She is a positive pooch and spreads her infectious happiness and love to everyone she meets!

Here she is in the front seat of Mr. V’s car going on a ride to my parents home:

Beans recently went to the barn to ride horses and pet the animals at one of her friends’ birthday parties…Her obvious delight with the guinea pig made me smile:

Last week I was in Charleston on a construction site…this is my new look…Doctors’ orders unfortunately are that I must wear a mask (asthma) in dusty situations…I find it funny (ironic) that I have been doing this gig for twenty years without one.

So glamourous…

We have decided to take a client bathroom down to the studs.  Some projects that start as a face lift morph into full scale renovation. It generally happens when we realize that the overall space and function could be dramatically improved if we just knocked down some walls.

I had a vision…I could see that if we removed the vanities (back to back), the walls and headers surrounding them and the tub, we would have this great open space to work with.

This involved removing a steel beam and crumbly old brick (not pretty, just old) that was behind drywall from a renovation in the early 1990′s.  It is going to be pretty fantastic and I have designed an interesting “open” vanity.

Here are some befores:



Here are the “durings” from my trip last week.

This is where the tub was and will be again…only we are doing a free standing tub and that square is framing for a new window:

This is where the new vanity will be…I do a lot with blue tape on floors.  It’s great for clients to visualize where something will be in real scale.  Easier for most folks to see than on a floor plan.  I lay out furniture this way at times and use it to lay out art on the walls when I am doing a grouping:

We are incorporating a stackable washer in dryer that will be behind closet doors.  So great that my client won’t have to run down stairs to throw in a load of laundry.

Me with my mask AND CAPE!  I could be a super hero.  Or a bank robber: (I so wish you could see my new Frye boots…I LOVE THEM and am painfully breaking them in).

Sometimes, this is the way we fashion the construction entrance on a client project if we don’t want subs traipsing through sealed off areas in the home- yep second floor through a window…I still take the regular stairs:

Tile selections.  The mosaic is for the shower floor and niches.  The white long bricks of marble are for the shower walls (with the decorative pieces as well) and the large stone tiles are for the floor.

Here is a close up of the door knobs in the house…Gorgeous 150 year old wood:

One of the guest rooms on the third floor.  I love this old window:

Well, that’s a smidgen of what’s going on with us over at Martineau Vermillion.

Hope your week is great and I will keep you “posted!”



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7 Responses to Updates From My World

  1. Susan says:

    I’m so happy that Digby is feeling ok and enjoying life!

  2. Cant wait to see what you do with this bathroom and I am glad that Digby is feeling better!

  3. Wow you HAVE been busy….a dog living to 15, whats the secret? We would be sooo happy to know Teddy could stay with us that long.
    Exciting projects, love the tile selections and you make wearing a mask look chic, Amy!
    Beans is adorable:)

  4. LOVED this post amy and getting to know you better.
    i would go towards the superhero role; keeping a dog happy and comfortable into advanced years, a beaming child, a posh project all while maintaining that ‘oh-so-chic’ vibe. yep, superhero!

  5. Pretty Pink Tulips says:

    So happy to hear what you’ve been up to!!! Your sweet girl is just beaming! And, so is Digby for his ride in the car! Even with your “safety” mask, you look your glamorous self. Gotta take care of mama!!!

    Your clients must be so thrilled having you lead them through this renovation. Love the tiles!!

    xo Elizabeth

  6. designchic says:

    The bathroom is coming along nicely – adore the tile and can’t wait to see it finished!! Your Beans is precious…love this image ~

  7. Looooove the tile selections! So pretty! And oh that mask is so very glamorous!! ;-) So glad everything is going well.