OCT 29th

It’s Pretty Easy Being Green

Halloween Costume Party

When Mr. V told me he wanted to be the Jolly Green Giant for a Halloween Party, I thought…”what the heck am I going to be?”

At 6′-5″ it was only natural that he should be the happy green guy…after all, he is kinda giant and very jolly.  He’s not so green, unless you count the time he and my twin brother smoked apple tobacco out of a hookah in Cairo, Egypt –but that’s a story for another day.

After some thinking, I decided I wanted to be a Sweet Pea.

I love Halloween and I love that Mr. V is willing to get silly and dress up for a party.  It’s fun.

And we won!

Beans is going as a “Pink Flamingo from San Domingo” (her words)…

We tested it out at a neighborhood park party.

Talking it up with Spiderman (look at the cute boy peeking out below)!

With her pal, Henry.

Who looks like he could be Johnny in “Karate Kid” when they beat up poor Ralph Macchio.

Kobra Kai and all that.

The Beans will be flying around collecting candy…

And I will try not to eat all of it.



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12 Responses to It’s Pretty Easy Being Green

  1. Phyllis says:

    Great costumes – Have fun!!

  2. sally hutchison says:

    Congrats! You two make such a cute couple and I LOVE how tall Travis is! As a tall girl myself, I’m so happy you have a tall guy!

  3. Marianne says:

    You crack me up! Love your costumes and congrats on the win!

    • Amy says:

      Marianne, you know we don’t do anything half way!!! Hugs! Oh and I bought some goodies from Traditions for Halloween! Cute vintage

  4. of course you won, you are the cutest darn sweet pea, tendrils and all!

    tell beans she is a positively divine and elegant flamingo……too cute


  5. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog about my cookie choice. :) . Oh I love your blog and photos! I am also gutting my powder room and choosing materials, which I am in the process of, and I find it so painful because i don’t have the vision you talented designers have. :) . I wish you lived closer. I’m sure we’d have some interesting conversations over tea and the cookies of our choice. ;)

    • Amy says:

      Thanks Marilyn..I so enjoy your blog as well. I am sure we could talk a lot about our cookies! Good Luck to our guy ;)

  6. Andrea h says:

    Of course I love all of your pictures, especially the karate kids pictures. :)

  7. Geoffrey says:

    Finally got the comment section open– to say– belatedly — these are just about the best pictures you ever took!