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Veterans Day & Arlington National Cemetery

Tomb of the Unknown Amy Vermillion Interiors

I was in Washington, D.C. last week and visited Arlington National Cemetery.  We were honored to have a front row seat for the changing of the guard.  It is an incredibly moving ceremony and reminded me of just how dedicated our service people and their families are to the cause of our freedom.

Tomb of the Unknown Amy Vermillion Interiors

In 1921, the Tomb of the Unknown was erected to honor all missing and unknown service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Not only their lives but also their identities.

Interred in the tomb are soldiers from World War I, World War II and the Korean War.  There was a soldier from the Vietnam War entombed until 1994 when the family of Air Force Captain Michael J. Blassie received credible information that he was the unknown.

Because of President Reagan’s promise (that continues today), to “write no last chapters, close no books, or put away final memories,” the remains were exhumed, DNA tested and confirmed to be Captain Blassie.  He was given a military burial in his home state of Missouri.

Tomb of the Unknown, Arlington Cemetery Amy Vermillion Interiors


The Tomb Guards are part of a rare group of soldiers and take their duty very seriously.  The guards perform their changing ceremony every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all weather conditions.

Everything is done in intervals of 21 to allude to the 21 gun salute which signifies the highest military honor. 21 steps while “walking the mat,” 21 second pause to face the tomb.  Each movement by the soldier is marked with a sharp click of their military taps on their shoes.  The soldier and his gun are always between the tomb and the visitor–always on guard.

Arlington National Cemetery - Amy Vermillion Interiors


Arlington National Cemetery is a beautiful place with thousands of graves of not only soldiers and their families but also non-military dignitaries and former Presidents.

When visiting this sacred place, it is impossible not to feel proud, patriotic and grateful.

Arlington National Cemetery - Amy Vermillion Interiors


Arlington National Cemetery - Amy Vermillion Interiors


Arlington House, Robert E. Lee’s former residence and now memorial, sits atop a hill and the view is quite magnificent.

Arlington National Cemetery - Amy Vermillion Interiors


Arlington National Cemetery - Amy Vermillion Interiors

Arlington National Cemetery - Amy Vermillion Interiors

Arlington National Cemetery - Amy Vermillion Interiors

Please remember all of those who keep us safe, all those who have served, all those who have sacrificed.

If you are visiting Washington, D.C., make sure to see Arlington.


Thank a veteran today.


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10 Responses to Veterans Day & Arlington National Cemetery

  1. Susan says:

    So very special…my Father served our country for 20 years and retired a Lt. Colonel. He taught me the importance of remembrance from a very early age. This place always brings me to tears!

  2. Beautiful and moving photographs, Amy. Than you for sharing them.
    All best,

  3. BEAUTIFUL AMY!! What a gorgeous and poignant tribute to those who so bravely have served and continue to serve. Is there no more noble job! The images are stirring…….makes me proud to be an American and with a father who spent his career in the navy, I have a big place in my heart for those that honor our country. Have a great day!

  4. GEOFFREY says:

    tHESE ARE YOUR MOST MOVING — and dramatic — pictures ever. I too have visited it, and been deeply moved, yet I think these photos moved me even more.

  5. Kathleen Murphy says:

    As someone who has walked the countless rows of graves, studied nearly every memorial at Arlington your pictures were breathtaking. Thank you Amy!!

  6. sally hutchison says:

    It was a memorasble visit for our family years ago. Thanks for sharing such amazing images!

  7. very profound images and moving words. thank you for sharing with us amy

  8. Marianne says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. What a beautiful place. I have not been back to visit, but it’s going on my list of places now.

  9. Mr. V says:

    This was an awesome trip – great pictures! Made me think of my dad, your dad, my grandpa, uncles – a long line of family members that protect the freedoms I sometimes take for granted.

  10. Beautiful Amy.

    Sorry I have not been here for a while (I have no time for blog hopping period!). I have a fun PR opportunity for you. See separate mail.