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Light My Fire- Hot Fireplaces

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

Mr. V loves to have fires in our fireplace.  I think it’s safe to say that’s a dude thing.  We have a wood burning fireplace and as wonderful as that is…sometimes we have the awful moments of realizing the flue is closed, the wood we are burning is green or the unfortunate camp fire smell that can linger for days.

All that withstanding, I still love the crackle and pop of the wood and the cozy glow that overtakes our family room.  We have a large stone hearth that I will sit on (until my back feels scorched) and it doubles as extra seating when we casually entertain.

I have been working on a project that required a fireplace redesign recently (and will post pictures) and I wanted to share the inspiration I found while working.

Black marble is so elegant and timeless.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog: Miles Redd

Miles Redd

I love the incorporation of stone and detailed millwork.  Look at the layers on the curved crown!

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog: Stephen Fuller

Stephen Fuller Designs

This mirrored wall absolutely sends me.  Chic.  Glamourous.  The simple white mantel with mirrored surround is genius.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

via Pinterest

Crumbly.  Textured.  French.  Reminiscent of a pier glass or old Trumeau mirror.  Delicious.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog: Bryan BattBryan Batt

Gothic?  Renaissance? Storybook Cottage?  A little bit of all of that.  Neat shape.  Love the paneling scale.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Pursley Dixon

Pursley Dixon

A similar shape but what a different interior.  Pristine yet still cozy.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

via Google images

I adore this.  I want to visit here. I just know it’s in some incredibly exotic locale–Morocco perhaps?

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

via Pinterest

John Saladino- The master.  He is known for his use of space and materials.  Boom.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog John Saladino

John Saladino

Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.  I love the old brick in the fireback and the small scale.

n IntAmy Vermillion Interiors Blog-via cote de texas

via Cote de Texas

Fresh.  What a great way to treat a fireplace all the way up.  Bordered with simple trim pieces.  I like.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog- Alexandra Angle

Alexandra Angle

The color is great.  All painted in to keep the design cohesive.  It’s still the focal even though there are many elements to draw your eye askew.  Great millwork.  Additionally, the placement of the lighting over the bookshelves is one of my favorite ways to add ambient light.   I really love herringbone bricks in a fireback.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog via Cynthia Webb

via Cynthia Webb

Like a hidden picture.  There is a wood burning stove inside a fireplace.  And it’s surrounded by a little pretty and a lot of symmetry.  My cup of tea.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

via Google images

A great space.  Rustic combined with bright white, ethereal drapery and a lovely proportioned fireplace, surround and hearth.  I would live here.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

via Pinterest

Stay warm chickadees!


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13 Responses to Light My Fire- Hot Fireplaces

  1. Geoffrey says:

    Being a traditionalist, I really like all the ones with millwork, bricks, limestone, looks like that, best. Interesting as they are, I’ll pass on the mirrors, black marble and so on. But taken as a whole your collection here stirs the imagination… as do many of yours, esp. the recent one of doors!

  2. Susan says:

    Ooh that last one…yummy. We love our wood burning fireplace and on most cold days have one going. One of my favorite things about our old home.

  3. Wow Amy, this post shows how limitless a fireplace can be…my faves are a big limestone carved mantle or a beautiful French marble mantle but truly I love them all……gorgeous! Enjoy your day.

  4. Marianne says:

    I have two wood burning fireplaces in my house and love them. My living room one is in the process of getting a bit of makeover. Should be done in 4-6 weeks!

  5. Karen says:

    Love these ideas! We have a brick fireplace that we’re going to put an iron mantel on. I know that some people prefer gas but I love the smell of a wood burning fireplace!

  6. Pretty Pink Tulips says:

    We go through wood up here like they’re matchsticks!! It has been so cold and if you’ve seen the news…I’m right in the path of this big, bad blizzard. Brrrrrr!!!!!

    Love that glass walled fireplace….completely dreamy!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Ellen says:

    love…..all of them…..smiles

  8. Mr. V says:

    Great fire places – I love the stone. A fireplace under a staircase? Watch that first step…