APR 17th

Photo Shoot Sneaky Peeks

Amy Vermillion Interiors-Sweet Peas, Dianthus, Hydrangea

Here’s a glimpse into my recent photo shoot!  It was a long 12 hour day but I think we ended up with some great shots.

I took all of these with my iPhone so pardon the non professional quality.  I generally snap them as test shots for my photographer.  It is really helpful to show him the composition I want before he starts.  Not everything ends up being in the photo–some things are simply “space place holders,” but it gives us a good idea how it’s going to look and can make a really long shoot run more efficiently.

Thank you for the nice emails/comments about the flowers– a lot of you asked if I would show some close ups of the finished arrangements-and while I don’t have all of the them I’m happy to share what I have and what’s in each one.

The large vase above:  Sweet peas, hydrangea and green dianthus.


Amy Vermillion Interiors-Parrot Tulips, Paperwhites

The greatest part of photo shoots (besides the photographs!) are the florals that come home with me and get distributed to my family and friends.

This one is living on my bedside table at the moment.  I love simple arrangements and this one has parrot tulips and paper whites.   The fragrance in my bedroom is heavenly!


Amy Vermillion Interiors

A peek into a vignette of one of my favorite rooms.  It is an upstairs ladies’ sitting room for a client who wanted a place to read and enjoy a quiet moment.  She is an incredibly successful businesswoman and it was a pleasure to create a spot for her to unwind.   The purple shagreen tray is pretty wonderful.


Amy Vermillion Interiors- Ranunculus, Hygrangea, Hyacinth, Green Dianthus

I love, love, LOVE the colors in this arrangement and I had fun putting it together.  It is wonderfully springy and bright and I adore the contrast of the unwieldy and rowdy ranunculus and the well behaved hydrangea.

The arrangement also includes fuchsia hyacinth (which I hadn’t seen before) and green dianthus (which by now you can tell is one of my favorites).


Amy Vermillion Interiors

Lemons in a really interesting piece that my client brought home from Morocco.  These are sitting on the shelf of a limited edition Baker bar cart with antique mirror and bamboo details.  It’s a great cart!

The one thing I learned from a photo stylist was to never put things in weird places.  Huh?  In other words if you are styling a closet, don’t put a bowl of lemons on the island next to a handbag.  You are telling a story of what’s happening in the photo and no one I know eats lemons while deciding what to wear.


Amy Vermillion Interiors-Bar

Lemons and limes on a bar DO make sense.  The wooden and silver bowl (limes) makes me crazy, in a good way.  I like the rough texture mixed in with all of the antique mirror and shine.


Amy Vermillion Interiors

Hello Darling Dahlias!  I used the bowl again since I was obsessed with it.  This time the bowl was dressed with miniature pears.  That I wanted to eat on site but I restrained myself.  I ate them later.


Amy Vermillion Interiors

Pincushion Protea…simple, exotic and slightly alien.  You know why test shots are important?  Because you can see when the hinges are showing on your backwards boxes!  Ha!


Amy Vermillion Interiors

The greatest thing about a client with an elevator in her home?  Lazy me can load up everything and cruise to another floor!

Thanks for reading…

In the next couple of days I will be off to High Point Furniture Market. The long daily drives to and from Charlotte are always worth it and I hope to give you some design scoop soon.

Hope your week is fantastic.


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8 Responses to Photo Shoot Sneaky Peeks

  1. Darla McFall says:

    Even if was only your i-phone, your pictures are great–love love love the color

  2. Martha Schmitt says:

    These arrangements are gorgeous and I am so jealous!

  3. Karena says:

    Amy these are all gorgeous shots. The arrangements are so beautifully styled! Bravo!
    Have a great time in High Point; will look forward to what you find!
    Art by Karena

  4. Wow…so beautiful! I cannot wait to see more, more more. Looks like its going to be a fabulous shoot. I was so hoping High Point would work out but with my son having his prom and playoffs it is not happening :( Fall I hope!

  5. Geoffrey says:

    Your previous shots of these flowers were very beautiful and REAL, and now to see them in site as you have arranged them for the shoot they are even better! sWEAR i COULD SMELL THEM.

  6. sally hutchison says:

    May I say BEAUTIFUL~ Looking forward to your market pictures too!

  7. Pretty Pink Tulips says:

    I have chills! These gorgeous arrangements and beautiful styling are just the kind of eye candy I need today.

    Enjoy High Point….and look for my buddy, Eddie Ross. He’s the new East Cost editor for BH&G and will be giving a presentation.
    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. susan says:

    Great peeks…missing High Point right now :(