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Historic Charleston Photo Shoot Sneaky Peek

Amy Martineau Vermillion- Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC Charleston Project

Hello from the upstairs porch of my client’s fabulous c.1854 home on Charleston’s Historic Battery!

It was a whirlwind week and I enjoyed every minute of my long days here. If you have read my blog for awhile you will know how grateful I feel to have such incredibly lovely clients who take me with them when they move or buy an additional home. This loyalty has taken me to some really great places and I am really thankful for all of my clients–including my Charlotte clients who have patiently waited for me to come home after three weeks traveling to other jobs.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project

I don’t have the professional pictures back yet from my photographer so you will have to settle with my silly iPhone and little camera (didn’t even have my good DSLR with me) for a sneak peek of the photo shoot.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Carrera Marble mini brick, leathered stone top

I chose a Carrera mini brick for the back splash and a leathered stone top for the kitchen.

Amy Vermillion Interiors - Bar Vignette Charleston Project

My client is an avid entertainer and actually uses his small bar. I like the mirrored backsplash because it gives an illusion of deeper space.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC Charleston Project

One early morning (7 am) I caught my photographer on the other side of the lens. He is definitely carrying coffee in his left hand and I can assure you I was balancing a Venti/Grande/Venti in my other hand while taking this.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC Charleston Project- Ranunculus & Peony Tulips

Who doesn’t adore ranunculus and tulips? These are peony tulips which opened a day later to a wonderful bowl shape with irregular edges. They looked like a perfect hybrid of tulips and peonies which quite frankly is like a dream come true for a flower freak like me.

I hauled at least 26 vases down there (and a whole lot more stuff) since I can never decide what I want my flowers to look like until I am in the moment.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project

Yep. That is a Confederate flag flying on a neighboring house. For many Southerners it’s about heritage and not about hate. Still hard to imagine a time when there were two parts to the United States but it all started here in Charleston. If you walk a couple of hundred feet down my client’s street you can see where the first shot was fired across the water one hundred and fifty two years ago.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project: Master Bath Shower Niche My client loved the bathroom I designed in his Charlotte home so we tried to re create some of the those elements. The marble is a tiny bit different but it has the same feeling.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project - Quartz Lamp

I love this lamp so much I can’t see straight. It’s the perfect pop of shine against the mahogany chest.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project Porch

This is the way I found the porch when I went up to sweep up the magnolia leaves (oh yes, we designers tidy our clients’ homes- sometimes more than our own!). It’s absolutely perfect out here on the second story porch. My client loves sitting out here in the evening–enjoying a cigar and a nightcap–I imagine that isn’t too different from the master of the house a hundred years ago.

The porch runs the long side of the house as with most Charleston homes. It was designed so the long doors could be opened out to the porches to catch the breezes. The porches also provide heavenly shade and the house is much cooler because of them.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Coffee Table Styling

Coffee tables are fun to style and this one is a favorite. It is antique mirror with a gold Eglomisé Greek key running on the border. Of course I had to choose a crystal bowl with a Greek key as well.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Roman Shade, Carrera Mini Brick Splash

Did someone say Greek key? Why yes, I would like that on my linen Roman Shade as well. How about those Carrera mini bricks for the backsplash! And peonies in the antique French urn (which is now residing on his dining table) are heaven to me.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project

Simple is good. It’s hard at times to restrain when styling or edit appropriately but less is always more.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project

Part of my client’s back courtyard. It’s like a secret garden back here and I love to sit and listen to the rustle of the wind through the palms. The Confederate jasmine was blooming and it was almost intoxicating. Everywhere I went in downtown Charleston was perfumed.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project

I used Confederate Jasmine, ivy, and fern from my client’s courtyard to mix in with a white hydrangea. It was lovely. Until….

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project

My photographer asked me if I was making coffee…

No, I was just burning down the guest room by putting the candle too close to the flowers. Nice.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Charleston Project

Hard to believe it looked like this last year! The magic of construction and renovation!

Thanks for reading…more to come from Charleston soon. If you enjoyed this post on the Charleston project please read more about the construction and renovation of this house. You can also use the search bar on the top right for more posts about Charleston.

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Hope your week is wonderful…I am so happy to be home in Charlotte.


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16 Responses to Historic Charleston Photo Shoot Sneaky Peek

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    Incredible!!!! I remember your early posts about this beautiful Charleston home. To see how far it has come is such a treat! Your work is amazing and I know your clients will enjoy every minute in this home. Charleston is one of, if not my favorite town and I only dream of living in a home like this.

    Thank you for bringing us along…and love that first photo of you on the balcony!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Wow!! This is spectacularly beautiful Amy…..I can see they are in AMAZING hands, every picture was off the charts gorgeous! I cannot wait to see more.

  3. pve says:

    I need a day to get caught up with all your amazing things here. I love Charleston.
    I too love that first image. I am going to tell my Charleston friends to pop over here….and get to know talented you.

  4. Sherry Hart says:

    Where to start! OMG… damn gorgeous! The styling…the flowers…I know this is a stunning project!

  5. Hi Amy. This project is so amazing I really had to pick my jaw up. Really, seriously, stunning. You are so dang talented. Thanks for the peek.
    Carol (6 Wilson on IG)

  6. sally hutchison says:

    Always so nice to see the fruits of your labor! Beautiful photos!

  7. Katie says:

    Gorgeous! Great job as always! Can we discuss the counters in that kitchen? However, we might need to think about LED candles for future shoots. As I recall, this is not your first encounter with the smell of burning foliage. Have a great weekend! Hope you are doing something fun with Mr. V and the Beans!

  8. Nan Taylor says:

    Hi Amy!
    I love what you have done with this beautiful home. What paint color did you use on the exterior and the trim?

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