NOV 25th


It’s so easy to forget all the blessings that we have….

I know I do.

Thanksgiving is such a good reason to pause, reflect and be grateful.   I wish I were more disciplined to be more grateful on a daily basis.

Of course my dear family and friends are at the top of my list but here is my “designer gratitude list.”

1)  Wonderful clients who trust me and the process.  And speaking of the process, here is a new project we started demo on recently- We are renovating most of the house so it will be done this Spring.

IMG_4693 IMG_4688 IMG_4687 IMG_4685 Amy Vermillion Interiors


2)  My great team of Lindsay and my guys who are able to pull everything out of my head and make it a reality.

Amy Vermillion Interiors

Psst…if you want a group of men to actually listen to you, start discussing special televisions behind mirrors that will be able to be seen in the shower.   Amy Vermillion Interiors


3)  Blue Tape.  I know this sounds strange but I can’t function without it.  I use it for everything from laying out furniture on the floor to hanging art and everything in between.  Chalk lines are great but I love the opacity of blue tape.  My guys use it to mark things they want me to approve like light fixture heights.  Blue tape should be in every designer’s kit.

Amy Vermillion Interiors


4) Fantastical.  It’s a calendar app that I like so much better than the iPhone calendar since the new iOS update.  It’s easier for me to read and add appointments and I like the week view too.  Plus, I can integrate my “reminders” into my calendar.

Amy Vermillion Interiors


5) The ability to laugh at myself and at times this job.  I ran into Thom Filicia (at least a version of him) at High Point Furniture Market.  Since we have met previously, I felt a kiss was in order.

Amy Vermillion Interiors


6)  Good designer friends whose ears I can bend–Donna Livingston is not only a talented gal but a understanding friend who lets me go on and on and on…Everyone needs friends they can talk to, not just designers!

Amy Vermillion Interiors


7) Good photographers and flowers for my photo shoots!  We did this one last week and I will be revealing the shots soon.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Amy Vermillion Interiors Amy Vermillion Interiors

Amy Vermillion Interiors


8) Time.  Even though there isn’t much of it these days, I always make time to build really important things– with the cutest little architect I know.  This is her pet shop and apparently we are in the bird, dog, kitten and rabbit selling business these days.

Amy Vermillion Interiors

There is so much more of course…but it would be a really long blog if I listed them all!

I wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving and time to reflect on the good stuff.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy Vermillion Interiors



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9 Responses to Thankful…

  1. Love this Amy! You are one busy lady…but all good things. And indeed you have lots to be grateful for…we all do. Its a great time to kick back and be with those we love and eat to our hearts content and put that to do list on hold a few days! Wishing you a wonderful holiday (the calm before the big storm)!

  2. Design Chic says:

    What a great reminder to us all. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  3. Ahhh, thanks love!! I am so grateful to have you in my life to lean on, laugh with and enjoy the ride! What a perfect post for this week, just what we all needed to hear!
    Ps – I want to visit Bean’s pet shop ;)
    Hugs my friend!

  4. Lindsay Bingham says:

    Great post! I appreciate your gratitude; glad I can help put your ideas onto paper. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. pretty pink tulips says:

    Hi Amy!!!

    I love your list…I’ll now think of you whenever I see blue tape! :)

    Thankful for YOU and the amazing viewpoint you share with us — seeing your projects from beginning to end is such a thrill!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
    Merry merry!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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