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Tips From Designers & A Can Of Beans

Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Putting on a bedskirt.  UGH!  No one likes to do this task and designers might hate it the most since we have to do it so often.

What’s so bad about putting on a skirt?  It’s tedious taking off the mattress, putting on the skirt and then putting the mattress back on, making sure it doesn’t move the installed skirt and re making the bed.  I recently discovered a tip that makes that a chore of the past.

When I was at High Point Furniture Market last month I stopped by to see my friends Craig and Sandra from Lili Alessandra.  I mentioned to Craig that I was going to be installing one of their skirts (pictured above) for a client’s bedroom we were finishing. Craig asked me if I knew the “can trick.”  What?

Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Apparently, you don’t have to slide the mattress off when installing a 3 piece skirt!

You simply put cans (or something) under the mattress to elevate it and then move them as you go while pinning the skirt on.  (He just used a water bottle since he didn’t have any cans handy at Market—and why the heck would he?)

Designer Tips- Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Bedskirt Installation Tip

So I actually brought cans to my install and they worked like a charm!

Designer Tips- Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC- Bedskirt Installation Tip

I use twist pins which you can purchase here or on Amazon.

Bedskirt Installation Tips: Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

These are also great for holding slip covers in place.  Be careful to twist the pins in the correct way and put them back far enough so when you tuck your sheets in that you don’t scrape your hands on them.

Of course the can trick won’t work on decked bedskirts–only when in pieces.  But if you are buying a ready made skirt,  chances are it will be in 3 pieces and you can use the trick.

When I posted this on Instagram I got a lot of suggestions that I should blog about this and so I decided to include some of my designer friends’ tips as well.

I always love to hear ideas from my talented colleagues!

Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips-The English Room:

“For the dog lovers:  Make a dog blanket the inside width of your sofa in the same fabric to protect when they need to snuggle on the sofa.  But for goodness sakes, remove it when you have company!”


Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Donna Livingston-dl design inc.:

“When choosing a new paint color, always view your new paint swatch against the trim or in the center of a door in your space.  This allows you to see what the new color will look like with your trim color and prevents the existing paint color from influencing your decision (based on the perception of the new color).


Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Marianne Simon-Marianne Simon Design:

“Illuminate rooms with lamps rather than bright overhead lighting.  Lamps cast a soft and warm glow which is much more inviting.  Never, ever use “Reveal” light bulbs or others that cast a blue/white LED light.  This is your home, not an operating room!”


Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Lisa Mende-Lisa Mende Design:

“Don’t assume people can read your mind.  When sending a fabric to an upholstery shop, always make sure to mark the right side of the fabric.  In the same vein, if fabric is shipped directly to the shop from the mill, make sure the correct fabric was received by visiting the shop or having the shop owner text a picture.  Don’t take anything for granted.  Discuss and document each request.  These tips are important to avoid any unwanted surprised that cost time and money.”


Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Laura Casey- Laura Casey Interiors, LLC:

“Always paint your banister a high gloss black.  It makes all the difference!”


Amy Vermillion Interiors- Designer Tips

Traci Zeller-Traci Zeller Designs:

“There’s no such thing as too much storage.  I love to use sideboards or large chests in living rooms, because they make the perfect place to stash children’s toys.  Toys are bound to make their way out of bedrooms and playrooms so let’s give them a home!”

Thanks ladies!  We appreciate your good words.

I can’t wait to show you my client’s bedroom as soon as it’s complete!

I will post the pictures of the completed bedroom after my photographer shoots it.  Note that the little lamp pictured (toile) is not part of my design.  It was left there while we were waiting for the new ones to arrive.

Hope your week is wonderful…it’s getting chilly.

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13 Responses to Tips From Designers & A Can Of Beans

  1. Mr. V says:

    I wish there were a trick to keep that bedskit in place when turning the mattresss! Those poor little screws hang on for dear life when I twist that king bed around!

  2. The bed tip is a GREAT tip!! I have never heard one and my back thanks you oh so much:-). Xo, K

  3. Marianne says:

    Thanks for including me, Amy! Always fun to read other designer’s tips! I did not know about the bedskirt trick either.

  4. Amy says:

    Love all the tips! Thanks.

  5. Loved reading these tips and being included in this great post! Thanks a million Aim, hugs!

  6. I love it! A can of beans or a water bottle…brilliant! Fun tips, thanks Amy:)

  7. Barclay Stone says:

    wow! I’m embarrassed that I never knew or thought of the “water bottle” or can of beans before! GREAT tip! And, it’s always fun to read other people’s tips!

  8. Pingback: playing catch-up

  9. pve says:

    such fun tips…laughter is the best medicine, and I think creativity deserves laughter too.

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