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Before & After- A Family Room Gets A New Life

It’s always fun to see before and after pictures.   This project involved designing a room for a family with children who hadn’t ever really decorated the room the way they wanted.  Now that the kids are a little bit older, we decided to create a comfortable (but still sophisticated) sanctuary where the family can spend time together and the parents can entertain as well.

Here are the before shots—

"BEFORE"  Amy Vermillion Inte

"BEFORE"  Amy Vermillion Inte

"BEFORE"  Amy Vermillion Inte

"BEFORE"  Amy Vermillion Inte

Here are the “durings”–

I always love demo days because my client can start to see “what can be” without the old.  My team is amazing and I rely on them heavily to help me implement my designs.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

We pulled up the carpet and chose #2 Hickory for the floors because of the knots and worm holes which give the floor character and a natural feel.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

We removed the painted over wallpaper–yes, you read that correctly.  The former owner had simply painted YELLOW right over the old grass cloth.  It was a chore getting it off.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

My client didn’t want to change the stairway completely so I decided on a facelift.  We removed the old carpeting, installed wood treads (then a new runner), painted the banister, pickets and stringer…every room can use a little hint of black.

We also removed the old sink from the bar, painted the cabinet and put a remnant piece of stone for the top.  Now it can function as a bar but also an area to serve food if they entertain.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

I chose a 2 tiered chandelier for the main light source in the room since there is a two story ceiling.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

And now the after shots from my recent photoshoot…

Since their outdoor space is lovely with a pool, pond and outdoor television area- I decided on a natural vibe and chose finishes, colors and textures that are casual with a little hint of special.  Because of the water outside the large windows, I added some marine elements including large silver leafed seahorses on the stairway.  The mirror is more sea urchin to me than starburst and I love the rectangular shape and antique glass.  My client already had some large, old shells and that added to the feeling of the room.

I chose grass cloth to soften the high walls and add some color “without adding color.”  I also chose to paint the trim and beams close to the grasscloth color so it would recede into the paper for a more expansive feel.

My client loves blue so that was the focal color of my palette.  I chose a combination of rich blues and added it in small doses as cut velvet pillows and a wing chair.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

We changed the mantel to an old piece of wood which will crack a bit over time and add to the casual appeal of the room.

The metal fish sculpture is fantastic and each fish is hung individually.  They appear to be swimming in a large school across the fireplace.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

One of the things I like to incorporate when possible is a truly custom piece of furniture and this ottoman is one of my favorite items for family rooms.  It opens with a soft hinge and it is great for storing blankets, extra pillows, games, whatever–even bad kids.  Of course I am kidding.  I chose a heavy duty vinyl that is stamped with a shagreen pattern and it is washable!

My clients like to travel and brought back the animal sculpture of the rhino and elephant so I felt it needed a prominent place.  I was enchanted when I found the burnt wood lamps for the console–sometimes it’s hard to explain to a client why they are paying for burnt wood lamps but in the end, they totally got it.

The new sectional fits properly in the room and gives them lots of space to stretch out and watch a movie with their feet propped up on the indestructible ottoman!

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

I designed a new built in for the television and put a small swivel chair for additional seating.  When sourcing accessories for them, I was tickled to find a relic masthead from an 18th Century French ship and an interesting sculpture that was made with a chainsaw!  It reminded me of a spine and my client is a physician who deals with spine issues, so we had to have it.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

Lastly, I wanted a bright pop of color in the corner…A cozy place to read or simply look out the window.

The painting is by a German artist and is so watery and ethereal that I insisted on it in this corner near our blue velvet wing chair.  I adore small tables for places to put drinks, books etc.  This one is a combination of acid washed wood with shagreen shelves.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

The best part of the room?  Happy clients.  And as pretty as a room needs to be, it really does need to be functional and designed with the client’s lifestyle in mind.  Happy client equals happy designer.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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16 Responses to Before & After- A Family Room Gets A New Life

  1. “Casual with a hint of special”…Yes! This is an amazing transformation. Every detail was considered and I’m not sure I can pick what element I like best. The stairs, the pillows, or that chandelier. Well done, my friend.

  2. Donna says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Every angle of this room has beautiful interest and appeal and a comfortable welcoming feel! LOVE that fun blue chair and the rustic, animal themed accessories. Great work Aim!

  3. Lisa says:

    As always, beautiful!

  4. sherry hart says:

    Of course it’s fabulous Amy!!! Love your attention to detail:)

  5. Tawna Allred says:

    Beautiful transformation!

  6. Liz Carroll says:

    What a difference!! I know your clients must be thrilled! Beautiful!!

  7. susan says:

    Wow, what a makeover! Brava!

  8. Courtney says:

    A remarkable transformation, I can well imagine that the client is thrilled. Great work!

  9. Wow Amy you are good. VERY good. What a gorgeous transformation..they must be over the moon!

  10. Nancy Powell says:

    Fantastic design job Amy. Love the black and new runner on the stairs and the cozy feeling that the grasscloth gives. This is a lovely home and so warm and welcoming.

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