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Collected, Layered, Textured – Interesting Interiors

I was recently asked what I think makes an interesting and unique interior.

It’s such a chunky question and of course there are many answers.  But what I kept thinking about was this– the best interior design has to reflect the client’s personality, needs to have layers of texture and should have a “collected look.”

One of my favorite ways to create visual interest is to mix textures.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

Like silk (on the benches) and mohair on the table with nail heads.  My client wasn’t too sure when I suggested orange mohair to upholster a custom console table I designed but in the end she loves it and is glad she took the risk.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

To add layered interest without additional color, I chose an embroidered silk velvet for a pillow on a smooth woven chair.  The effect is subtle but lovely.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

A concrete lamp on a Korean wedding chest provide an interesting contrast to a my client’s velvet headboard and silk Euro shams and drapery.  One of my favorite fabrics is the cut velvet on the king shams.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

For this client’s hallway, I liked the idea of hanging a very textured oil painting on a smooth grass cloth wall.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

I had no idea what kind of lamps to put in this formal living room until I saw these hand thrown pottery pieces.  I love the contrast (and color) against the antique velvet sofa and petrified wood bowl.  My client said she would have never thought of putting these items together but she was excited to see that it all worked.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

In the same living room, I like the primitive pottery on a formal and classic fireplace mantel.  Unexpected and textured!

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

When my client asked me for a relaxed sunroom I chose a combination of linen and other natural fibers to work with a custom hand forged side table with antique wood top.

Amy Vermillion Interiors LLC

For my client who has a home in Florida, I chose an oyster shell lamp and a carved chest for the spotlight in her foyer.  She appreciates unusual items and I always try to find things that will not only interest her but can also start a conversation when she entertains.  The oyster lamp is a fun piece and I have been lucky enough to be at several of her parties where her guests not only touched it and smiled but also told me how much it looks like “her.”

I can’t say there is a magic formula for putting together an interesting interior.  I always recommend using pieces that you love, collecting pieces and trinkets when you travel and try combining different textures.  And if all else fails, call a professional!

What do you think makes an interior interesting?


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5 Responses to Collected, Layered, Textured – Interesting Interiors

  1. There’s something about textures that grabs my eye. Must have them! It must be the 3-D affect they have. Very rich looking. Love the way you used them above. Thanks for sharing. Happy & Blessed New Year to you & your family!

  2. pretty pink tulips says:

    Happy New Year, Amy!!! Gorgeous photos of the interiors you’ve completed. That orange mohair was sheer genius and I’m sure your client is thrilled with the result. Sometimes you just have to take a big leap for big impact. I think layers and textures make for interesting interiors. Along with some special things that you just love.

    Can’t wait to see what you dream up this year!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Amy says:

    Love this post, Amy! I learn something every time I read your blog. I’m looking around my house with a new eye.

  4. Geoffrey says:

    Beautiful– and challenging, makes me think and then re-think. Great work!

  5. Amy, it looks gorgeous…. Great job!

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