JUNE 7th

Tastemaker Series on Ace Of Space Blog

Hello Friends!  I am honored and flattered to be included in Vicki Bolick’s Tastemaker Series on her award winning Ace of Space Blog.  Vicki’s blog is beautiful, insightful and a must read for those of us design junkies.  She brings an interesting background to her writing and designing–not too many designers can claim a past career handling personal correspondence for a President or Assistant Press Secretary to a NY Senator!  Published and awarded, Vicki has a discerning eye and is certainly a tastemaker herself.

Ace Of Space Blog Amy Vermillion Interiors

Ace of Space Blog- Amy Vermillion Interiors

Wanna read the rest of my interview and see some client projects?  Jump over to Ace of Space!  And if you aren’t already a regular reader of Vicki’s blog, you will want to be.

Thank you again Vicki for including me in your series!

**Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Savannah trip on my next blog post.

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One Response to Tastemaker Series on Ace Of Space Blog

  1. Geoffrey says:

    Wow! I Agree with her every word!

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