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MAR 4th

Vanity Variety: Then & Now

So it’s 1890 and you are going to look at vanities with your interior designer. Your designer might show you one of these from the local craftsman: Most wash stands had a stone top (to protect the wood from splashing … Continue reading

FEB 18th

Argo, the Taj Mahal and Ancient Persia

The Oscars are this weekend and Argo is my choice for Best Picture. It’s not just because I can’t stop looking at Ben Affleck’s fantastic beard. Argo is a great movie. I won’t give it away for those who haven’t … Continue reading

JAN 30th

First Lady Fashion

What fashion aficionado (or history buff) doesn’t like vintage clothing? Costume collections in museums really get my blood pumping. Oh the gratitude that we don’t wear bustles, or hoops or whalebone corsets anymore. It’s hard to believe I actually complain … Continue reading

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