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DEC 20th

It Might Be Your Grandmother’s Bathroom

We tend to think we are the first to come up with something.  We tend to think that we invented the wheel in each generation.  Guess what?  It’s ALL been done before.  In some way or shape, most design has … Continue reading

NOV 28th

Hooker Diamonds & Emeralds As Big As Your Head

Perhaps “emeralds as big as your head” is an exaggeration but…how about a topaz that big? I lost my head when I visited the gemstones exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum recently. My sister in law and I “escaped” … Continue reading

NOV 3rd

Sit like the Godfather or Lay Like Carrie

Clearly Godfather Part III pales in comparison to it’s predecessors…however it is a part of the legendary Francis Ford Coppola trilogy and you can park yourself in one of the original chairs… for a price….$ 5,500. An American Victorian Eastlake … Continue reading

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