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DEC 20th

It Might Be Your Grandmother’s Bathroom

We tend to think we are the first to come up with something.  We tend to think that we invented the wheel in each generation.  Guess what?  It’s ALL been done before.  In some way or shape, most design has … Continue reading

NOV 16th

Please Be Seated, I Will See If The Mistress Is Home

Not that mistress.  Or that one either.  Although there are a lot of them being bandied about these days.  Here in Charlotte, we seem to have the corner on the market when it comes to “the other woman” bringing down … Continue reading

AUG 7th

Steven Gambrel’s Big Gamble

September’s issue of Architectural Digest is delightful.  One of my design icons, Steven Gambrel has an ambitious project featured.  A 1930′s estate encompassing 18,000 square feet set on 26 acres would make any designer’s hair stand on end….with excitement. The … Continue reading

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