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DEC 20th

It Might Be Your Grandmother’s Bathroom

We tend to think we are the first to come up with something.  We tend to think that we invented the wheel in each generation.  Guess what?  It’s ALL been done before.  In some way or shape, most design has … Continue reading

FEB 10th


I could use a little bit of down time…happy to have a full plate of great projects but I always start looking for my escape hatch this time of year. With no further ado, I bring you…Amy’s picks for a … Continue reading

MAY 19th

Mosaics- Donald Trump, The Holy Land and Dukes of Hazzard

I was driving home the other day and noticed a sign for Mosaic classes. The sign was done in Mosaics and I thought, “yes, this would be a nice thing to add to my already over scheduled life.” Now I … Continue reading

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