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APR 29th

How To Vacation Like A Millionaire

Let’s say you are William Vanderbilt,  J.P Morgan or William Rockefeller…where do you go to get away from it all? Same place as the Vermillion Family—Jekyll Island, Georgia.  You can too since there is a wonderful hotel here–The Jekyll Island … Continue reading

MAY 9th

Scandal and Amazement- The Chicago Way

A lot of “outsiders” (non- Chicagoans) seemed surprised at the level of corruption that centered around Rod Blagojevich and his shenanigans. Not surprising at all for those of us who, although aren’t particularly proud of how things get done, know … Continue reading

MAR 29th

Viva Vacation! Chacalacas and Armadillos in Puerto Vallarta.

  Remember when the teacher used to say, “So, tell us about your vacation!” I never knew what to say. After all how do you properly convey the sensation of being taken out of your “regular” life and deposited into … Continue reading

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