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APR 12th

Too Many Flowers, A Photoshoot & A Giveaway!

While you were sleeping my kitchen looked like this: I am not growing a magnolia tree–but I could with these giant gorgeous branches. I am shooting a client’s home tomorrow with my photographer and I, of course need some flowers, … Continue reading

NOV 1st

Uncommon Gifts

Psst…It’s that time of year again. Whenever we reach November 1st, I start into “Holiday” mode. I always have high hopes for myself in June. I tell myself it will be different this year. I swear, I won’t have another … Continue reading

DEC 2nd

c u l8r

Texting Gloves?  It’s the necessity I never thought I’d wear. But, it’s getting cold and I get frustrated when I have to take off my gloves in order to play “Words with Friends.”  Yes. I definitely prefer the ones with … Continue reading

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