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APR 29th

How To Vacation Like A Millionaire

Let’s say you are William Vanderbilt,  J.P Morgan or William Rockefeller…where do you go to get away from it all? Same place as the Vermillion Family—Jekyll Island, Georgia.  You can too since there is a wonderful hotel here–The Jekyll Island … Continue reading

MAR 8th

Happy Birthday Barbie!

On March 9, 1959 this glamour gal was born!  And although she had a strange beginning as a gag gift for men (and named  Lilli), Mattel bought the rights to her and turned her into a beloved toy.  Since then … Continue reading

MAR 4th

Vanity Variety: Then & Now

So it’s 1890 and you are going to look at vanities with your interior designer. Your designer might show you one of these from the local craftsman: Most wash stands had a stone top (to protect the wood from splashing … Continue reading

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