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SEPT 2nd

Thank you 1982. For Big Hair, Knight Rider & My Latest Project- No Carpet In The Kitchen Please.

1982…Hard to believe it was thirty one years ago. I was coming of age with big hair, Duran Duran and the birth of Prince William.  And the house I just started working on was completed. That’s me on the left. … Continue reading

MAY 3rd

Interior Design, Fashion & Redford vs. DiCaprio: The World According To Gatsby

It’s dazzling. It’s spectacular. It’s fashion, interiors and fantasy. It’s “The Great Gatsby” Baz Lurhmann style- and it’s in theaters on May 10. I’m excited beyond belief and yet I know I must view it strictly as it is…a giant … Continue reading

NOV 16th

Please Be Seated, I Will See If The Mistress Is Home

Not that mistress.  Or that one either.  Although there are a lot of them being bandied about these days.  Here in Charlotte, we seem to have the corner on the market when it comes to “the other woman” bringing down … Continue reading

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