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JAN 15th

Come And Knock On Our Door

…We’ve been waiting for you…. The unmistakeable theme song (which gets stuck in your head very easily) popped into my mind when I started writing this post about door colors. Sorry can’t help it.  I’m a child of the 70′s … Continue reading

JAN 9th

A Real Butler’s Pantry & The People Who Worked Below The Stairs

A Butler’s Pantry.  Who doesn’t see this image (one of my all time favorite spaces by Mick de Guilio-kitchen design legend) and say, “why yes, I not only need a Butler’s Pantry but I could use a butler too.” I … Continue reading

NOV 16th

Please Be Seated, I Will See If The Mistress Is Home

Not that mistress.  Or that one either.  Although there are a lot of them being bandied about these days.  Here in Charlotte, we seem to have the corner on the market when it comes to “the other woman” bringing down … Continue reading

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