APR 12th

Too Many Flowers, A Photoshoot & A Giveaway!

While you were sleeping my kitchen looked like this:

I am not growing a magnolia tree–but I could with these giant gorgeous branches.Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

I am shooting a client’s home tomorrow with my photographer and I, of course need some flowers, right?  Enter the theory…”I’d rather have too many flowers than not enough.”  And really, shouldn’t we all live by that rule and not just for photo shoots.  It only took one time when I didn’t have the proper flowers–and now I am always a little over prepared.

Anywho.  My car looked somewhat like this:

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

Here are some of the lovelies:

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

White cherry blossom branches!


Anenomes- I adore their charcoal centers.  Great contrast flowers.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

I like to use big paint buckets (Lowe’s-cheap) for transporting them from the flower market.  They are great for keeping flowers that need a day or two to open- like lilies.

The plants below are:  Green-Dianthus.  I couldn’t believe it either…actually a carnation relative and the stems look very carnation like.  The orangey ones are pin cushion protea!


Purple hydrangea, paper whites and sweet peas (one of my all time favorites!)


I love these roses..they are kind of antiqued with a brush of coral on the outer petals.


Hydrangea and peachy colored stock.  I had not seen that color stock–it reminded me of old fashioned hollyhocks.


Oh the fringey tulips are divine!  I have no plans for them but they are making the trip all the same.  I find that most of the time I surprise myself with what I end up using.  There may be some corner that needs a pop–maybe even a single bloom in a small container.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

The piles of stems are building up.  My poor kitchen counter looks like a dirty florist.  I usually peel off the wraps and use those under my piles.  Then it’s an easy clean up–the stems get folded up in the plastic.

Another trick I find useful is to have a central garbage can or box (lined with a plastic bag since the stems are wet) so I can scoop up floral debris and dump in quickly.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

This guy is in process.  Dahlias make me smile…and I like to add some green with interest…these are a form of billy balls–just smaller.  They come in a beautiful greyed blue too.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

I also use a lot of greenery.  I take my containers to Campbell’s Greenhouse here in Charlotte.  They do beautiful orchids for me and have a gorgeous selection.  Below are: Maidenhead Fern, succulents and an ivy.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

This one is almost finished…white hydrangea, pink hyacinth, white ranunculus and fern ball things that I can’t remember the name of.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

This is a bad picture but it shows an easy way to transport plants that might fall over in the car.  Cut an “x” in a box (shallow is better) and push down the flaps.  Then insert your plants.  It works like magic to keep your plants from toppling over in the car.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

Some of my photo styling goodies waiting to be loaded.  If I weren’t an interior designer, I would love to style photo shoots!  It’s a lot of fun but really hard work.  I often joke that it’s easier for me to design a house or a jet than pick flowers and accessories for a shoot.  So I guess that means I’m in the right business.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

While you are getting up and perhaps having a leisurely cup of coffee (doesn’t that sound nice),  I will be off to a very early shoot.  It will be a long day- as they always are and I will love every minute of it!

How about this for surreal?  This is one of our last shoots–I am snapping my photog whilst he is shooting my client’s chair.  Weird.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog


Alright let’s get down to it.  When I was shopping for accessories today I saw this beautiful candle by Nest–one of my favorite scent makers.  I thought, “Hey, I have never done a giveaway and my readers deserve a thank you!”

So I picked up this sweet candle–very Springy I thought.  It smells divine!  The scent is White Narcisse.  And the porcelain container could be used for a little vase or a darling pencil/make up brushes cup when the candle has burned through.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog

Here’s the deal…I have other places you can keep in contact with me and I would love to keep in touch.

The way to get the candle besides putting out $48 of your hard earned cash is to:

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

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APR 8th

Get Inspired With Legendary Barry Dixon

Amy Vermillion Interior Blog-Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon.  If you look up his picture in the Design Dictionary (and there should be one), the words to describe his entry would be: Iconic decorator, Southern gentleman, author and incredibly talented furniture/fabric/lighting designer.

He was named a Master of Design by Veranda Magazine, one of House Beautiful’s Top 100 Designers and has decorated homes for celebrities and well known political figures.  And yet…he still has time to give presentations across the country (I was fortunate enough to see him in Atlanta) and he takes the time to chat with other interior designers-like me…(picture at Arteriors Showroom in High Point).

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

Talking with Barry is a pleasure.  He is charming, gracious and he shared that he gets inspired from traveling, nature and antiques.

I love the way Barry designs and some of my favorite spaces of his are detailed in this book.  He gives the stories behind his spaces as well as some valuable decorating tips.


Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog: Barry Dixon


I always enjoy hearing about designers’ inspirations–for instance, this painted Italian chair became the basis for Barry’s “Oatlands” chair for Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth.


Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

Shown in this gorgeous 1920′s antebellum Nashville home:

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


And Barry’s famous “Albermarle” chair (Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth) was inspired by this antique Italian chair that he found in Virginia.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


The “Albermarle” chair is instantly recognizable.  I like to play “Where’s The Albermarle?” in his pictured interiors.  Its design is so versatile that it is at home in a very traditional dining room…

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


As well as a transitional bathroom with a contemporary curved glass shower door.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

And updated in an ultra suede for this kitchen.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


Another signature piece of Barry’s that I love (and comes in many variations) is his studded ottoman.  I particularly love the Greek key on the “Dana Round Ottoman.”

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog- Barry Dixon DC SHowhouse


Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog- Barry Dixon DC SHowhouse


My favorite Barry Dixon space was on the cover of House Beautiful and is also in his book.  I adore the whimsy, the colors (pinks and graphite) and the overall chic.  And…I have used several of these fabrics and pieces for my clients.

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

Want the look of Barry Dixon’s interiors pictured above?


Tomlinson-Erwin/Lambeth:  Barry Dixon Collection:

“Albemarle Chair”

(as pictured in Veranda)

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


Vervain Fabrics-Barry Dixon Collection:


Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon


Tomlinson-Erwin/Lambeth Collection- Barry Dixon Collection:

“Roseanne Settee”

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

Arteriors- Barry Dixon Collection:

“Foliage Lamp”

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth-Barry Dixon Collection:

“Dana Round Ottoman”

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

Arteriors-Barry Dixon Collection:

“Clarksdale Screen”

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog-Barry Dixon

Thanks for stopping by!

What inspires you?


APR 5th

Brass Hardware Ideas: Dear Amy I Am Using A Spatula To Open My Dresser Drawers

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog- IKEA HACK/Brass Hardware Options

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog- IKEA HACK/Brass Hardware Options

Dear Amy,

When I saw on your blog that you were asking for design questions, I immediately took pictures of my dresser.  I really need hardware ideas.

6 months ago I thought  I would dive into my first Ikea “hack”.  I had seen various hacks for months on Pinterest and blogs, and thought- I could do that!  I needed some storage in my bedroom for smaller things…. jewelry, socks, bras and other lovelies.  All of the dressers I coveted, were not in my budget, so I thought I would make my own.  I drove out to Ikea one weekday, and purchased two RAST dressers.  At $35 each, I knew I wouldn’t feel badly if this project went to pot.  I also purchased 6 Gracie panels from Overlays (They were on sale at the time). Since I was placing the dressers next to each other, I wanted a simple and clean design.

I was pretty pleased with how the project turned out.  I assembled, puttied, sanded and put 2 coats of primer on the dresser.  I put on several coats of Benjamin More White Dove (semi-gloss enamel) mixed with some Floetrol to eliminate brush marks.  Although the Overlays were white, I painted them White Dove as well.  After a lot of careful measuring, I attached the Overlays to the drawer fronts with glue.  I loved the look, but all I needed now were knobs.  After months of searching, I still haven’t found the  perfect knob! I’ve found several potentials but all weren’t quite right (wrong color, too small, too expensive). Can you help me? Where can a girl find some good looking knobs? I am tired of keeping a spatula nearby just to get to my underwear!

Please help me- thanks,



Katie, Katie, Katie…a spatula?  That sounds like something a designer would do! First of all I give you huge interior designer love for THAT PROJECT!  I think your dresser turned out really great.  And I bow down to you, as I do all DIYers with successful outcomes since I have zero time for projects (but would really like to try one).

S0…I see a brass moment for your dresser.  I encountered a couple of hurdles while researching this.   Why?  Because the diameter in the circle in the overlays draws attention to the size/scale of the potential knob.  The bigger the better.  Which isn’t always easy to find unless you want something like this:

Big Sky Hardware Casanova Knob - Antique Brass 683037 - Whimsical at Knobdeco 2013-04-04 15-40-51

(I hear the Phantom of The Opera Theme playing…)  And yes, that really is a real knob.for.sale.

or this:

Big Sky Hardware Southwest Eagle Knob - Antique Brass 683293 - Animals at Knobdeco 2013-04-04 15-41-23

If you need to have a Thunderheart /Red Rocks episode.

And finally:

Notting Hill Pearly Peapod Cabinet Knob, Antique Brass 2013-04-04 15-43-11

I sure hope this is supposed to be peas.  Ahem.  I’m not sure who’s buying 3 inch “pea” knobs but as they say… a shoe for every foot and all that.

Anyway.  The next dilemma is cost.  There are a lot of really beautiful knobs available…for $50-65 each.  Which doesn’t make much sense since you need 6 knobs ($300+).

Here are some hardware choices that I think would look great on your dresser:

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog- Brass Hardware

Where to buy: Daisy Retro Knobs,/ Eastlake Ring Pull,/ Deco Starburst Knob, /Mod Square Pulls,/ Baldwin, Vintage Knobs

When Choosing Hardware- Keep in mind the following:

Amy Vermillion Interiors Blog- Cabinet Hardware TipsI hope those work for you Katie!  Please take pictures of your finished dresser (whatever knobs you choose) so we can all see how it looks.  We all wish you a speedy solution as I’m sure your eggs are hard to flip with your bare hands.

UPDATE:  Katie chose the Daisy Retro knobs-one of a kind from Etsy.  I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Thanks again for sending the pictures/design request and being the inaugural “Ask A Designer…Namely Me” guinea pig.

Do you have any hardware sources you would like to share?

Enjoy your weekend,


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