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MAR 4th

Vanity Variety: Then & Now

So it’s 1890 and you are going to look at vanities with your interior designer. Your designer might show you one of these from the local craftsman: Most wash stands had a stone top (to protect the wood from splashing … Continue reading

FEB 17th

Serenity now!

Some days, some weeks….some months, I need a little more peace than usual. Balancing my time with a three year old sweetbean, a busy business, Mr. V and life in general can be a smart trick. This is a bathroom … Continue reading

FEB 7th

Design is in the Details/Doors and Drawers

I believe you can almost always tell when an interior designer or an architect has been involved in a project. The clues can be as subtle as a small detail like a specialized nailhead on a bench or as major … Continue reading

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