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SEPT 27th

Pink Lobsters & Rainbow Pidgeons: You Are NOT Drunk

This is a Violet-spotted Reef Lobster.  And it’s really this color! As an interior designer I often get my color inspiration from nature.  I am mostly talking about the color of leaves, changes in light, the seasons…. But, I have … Continue reading

NOV 15th

A New Perspective

  It’s been a busy week…and it’s only Tuesday. I had a great lunch with Traci Zeller today and I was relaying the tragedy  story of what happened to me yesterday.  I inadvertently deleted my business and home calendars from … Continue reading

SEPT 19th

Trim It Up!

Trim, Glorious Trimmmmmmmm! I heart you, trim. You can make a plain pillow fantabulous, a sad panel happy and a present stylishly wrapped!  Yep, I use scrap trim to wrap small gifts. And I use discontinued fabric samples and wallcovering … Continue reading

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