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MAR 25th

Peek Into My Friends’ Bedrooms

Since most of us are voyeurs I thought it would be fun to start a series called, “Peek Into…” Isn’t that why a lot of us read blogs? I know I do. I like to see not only what my … Continue reading

MAR 20th

A Finely Jeweled Spring

I could sure use some Spring!  This constant teasing of back and forth is like a bad break up.  This past weekend it was gorgeous–sunny, in the seventies with a warm wind that coaxed all the flowering trees to do … Continue reading

FEB 11th

Scenes From A Barn

Do you believe in unicorns?  You should. I know a happy little girl who not only believes in them—she rode one!  It was a beautiful day (albeit uncharacteristically cold) out in the country and Beans’ 5th Birthday Party was indeed … Continue reading

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