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APR 1st

My Interview With The New York Times Magazine: Castles In The Sky aka Private Jets

  Thank goodness for friends who read.  After returning from church and Sunday brunch with Mr. V and the Beans yesterday, I checked my emails to discover that my interview with the New York Times Magazine had been published!  You … Continue reading

MAR 25th

Peek Into My Friends’ Bedrooms

Since most of us are voyeurs I thought it would be fun to start a series called, “Peek Into…” Isn’t that why a lot of us read blogs? I know I do. I like to see not only what my … Continue reading

JAN 21st

Consider This- Valances Over Beds

Valances over beds–you have come a long way, baby. Traditionally called half testers, they have their history (like many things) in 14th Century Europe.  Generally speaking the more elaborate a bed was, the richer the family was.  Half testers were … Continue reading

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